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How do you manage with Special Needs children?

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Liv1981 Sat 11-Feb-17 20:51:06

Both my children have SEN - eldest is 7 and diagnosed with Severe Learning Difficulties borderline Mild Learning Disability, her IQ is borderline between the two (although clearly autistic and ADHD as well). Youngest likely to have the same as they think its a genetic issue although his language is affected but I think his IQ is higher. We are having to Home Ed until we complete the EHCP process in an effort to access specialist school (as advised this was the most suitable option - mainstream has been a disaster). They have recently left an independent school as we couldnt support it any longer and we still encountered difficulties there too. I am now having to Home ed both of them as i cannot put her into mainstream with no support but therefore meaning i cannot work so therefore cannot get a mortgage. There dont seem to be any suitable schools anywhere near us so thinking we will need to move (again). I'm really worried were going to get rejected for an EHCP as they are so hard to get and I dont feel particularly confident in applying as a parent who knows so little about the process. i haven''t managed to get my youngest diagnosed yet anyway so no point applying for him yet as there just isn't enough evidence to support my claims.
I just dont know how on earth to make it all work? Whilst I'm trying to teach them at home, i'm also trying to figure out how to make ends meet, how i'm going to house us in the long term, how or where they are going to go to school, how to get the youngest diagnosed, apply for an EHCP and how i can socialise them when the Home Ed community where we are now living seems non-existent. HELP!!! It seems crazy that it is this hard just to give you children access to a form of education that they so clearly need. I'm sure other people must be in a similar position and i'd love to hear from you just to know i'm the only one trying to navigate this madness! On those bad days, it just feels so isolating with no where to turn, children having major full-scale meltdowns and no end in sight.

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