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Senco referral for toileting

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icelollycraving Fri 10-Feb-17 09:28:25

I have no experience of what this entails. I've been told yesterday that my child has been referred to senco & that we will be contacted. Feeling a bit anxious about it.

AnaisB Fri 10-Feb-17 09:30:56

I don't think there's any need to feel anxious. The SENCO (Special educational needs coordinator) is usually a teacher with extra responsibilities in this are. If you are anxious call the school an ask to speak to them. They'll be able to tell you about any processes or plans.

AnaisB Fri 10-Feb-17 09:32:26

Re toileting are you familiar with the ERIC web-site. It has loads of useful info and advice.

icelollycraving Fri 10-Feb-17 10:26:17

Yes, I have used some of the advice from ERIC, thank you.

laulea82 Fri 15-Sep-17 11:58:14

How are things now?
My did has been referred to senco she is nearly 4. We've been seen by the inclusion teacher and they've made several referrals. It seems the potty training isn't an issue but more a symptom of a learning difficulty.

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