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What to expect from an IEP

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smearedinfood Mon 30-Jan-17 10:41:31

We've been having discussions with my son teachers, she's now saying she's going to book him in for an IEP (this is appreciated), can't really see a link online to show what the process is.

Can't really find a link to see what happens during an IEP, if you could advise that would be great as its easier if my son knows what to expect and for me to get some advice on how to phrase the process for him.

BackforGood Mon 30-Jan-17 15:23:42

IEP stands for 'Individual Education Plan', so it should be individually written, to meet your ds's needs.

Under the 2001 SEN Code of Practice, there was a standard form. It listed the 'target' on the left, then the 'How' Section, then the 'Who / Where /When' section.
The targets should be 'SMART' (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-scaled) ....... so might say 'SmearedInFood's ds to be able to sit at a table with his peers to eat his dinner, 4 out of 5 times a week' or 'Smearedin Food's ds to be able to spell 'CVC words' when writing sentences, when prompted by an adult to review his work at the end' etc. <Sorry, have no idea of ds's age or stage or difficulties he is having> Point being, they should be working on whatever he is finding difficult. It can be academic stuff, but it could also be around independence skills or social skills or place skills, or organisational skills, etc.
It should then say how the school is going to get him to a place where he is achieving that target - may be a scheme / prog to follow or additional help in class or small group work or whatever.

When the 2014 Code of Practice replaced the 2001 one, there were no specific forms, so some schools designed their own, and others have carried on with IEPs so they no longer all look the same - it doesn't matter as long as there is some measurable way of noting progress or not, or how much progress there has been.

As to 'book him in for an IEP' - not sure what she means by that. I'm presuming she will refer him to the SENCo who will look at what additional support she can put in.
You should get a copy of it, and if there is anything you don't understand / aren't sure of then you can ask to see the SENCo to discuss it.

After about 3 months / a term / 12 weeks type of time frame, then it will be reviewed and decisions taken as to whether to renew it, or to refer for greater help, or if - with that bit of extra support, he's now caught up, and the decision might be he doesn't need another one.

Depending on his age, he might be involved in the setting of targets and the review procedure (KS 4 certainly, and usually KS3 and some do in KS2) or If he's in EYFS, he almost certainly won't know, but you are more likely to be involved in target settings and reviews. KS1 is a bit of a crossover where it depends on the school.

Please ask again if any of this doesn't make sense or you want to know more smile

smearedinfood Mon 30-Jan-17 15:59:47

Hi BackForGood
Thanks for that, ah, I was assuming that he was going to get some sort of assessment, I will enquire further.
DS is 6 and he’s in Year 2 (summer). Typically referred to as dreamy in class, quite an introvert temperament. Generally well behaved and not disruptive.
We’ve asked for help as he’s struggling academically. I think there may be an issue with dyslexia. He will blend a word, read it and then when you turn the page he will meet the same word and start all over again not remembering he had just figured that one out. He writes his numbers back to front. Loves being read to but hates doing homework, just really struggles processing it.
The teacher is concerned as he doesn’t “join in” with play. I’m not so bothered with that (as he appears happy, it’s just if someone says that they don’t want to play with him he takes that as in a literal forever).

BackforGood Mon 30-Jan-17 17:53:05

You're welcome. smile

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