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primary school with good SEN support around Windsor/Ascot/maidenhead/Slough area

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xxmum Thu 26-Jan-17 12:35:19

Hi, I am looking for a good primary school, ds is going into Year 3 in September 2017, with a good SEN support. Looking at both state and independent schools. He has mild ASD and ideally a small mainstream school with good support. Any thought on Brigidine School/Bishopsgate?

Polista Thu 26-Jan-17 21:58:43

Hi xxmum, perhaps you shd post this on Primary Education, too? I'm local and my dc is dyslexic but no prep immediately springs to mind for good SEN support. I used to find the SEN provision listings for each school on the Good Schools Guide website informative?
I think More House in Farnham would be an option for you but it's a good 40 mins from Ascot? Wishing you and your DS well.

xxmum Mon 24-Apr-17 10:59:42

Thank you foe your reply!

SusanEE17 Mon 15-May-17 12:48:15

Hi, are you still looking for a school? Have you considered Hurst Lodge in Ascot? It is an independent school but is excellent with children with ASD.

xxmum Mon 15-May-17 15:22:12

Hi susan.. thank you for your advice. Just wondering if you have personl experience with Hurst Lodge that you can share?☺️

SusanEE17 Mon 15-May-17 15:47:48

Hi, yes I do. My son started in September. It is an amazing school with excellent SEND experience . It is not specialist, there are lots of NT children too and also some gifted and talented. However all teaching is ASD friendly, the environment is incredibly supportive and caring. My son has Aspergers and ADHD and was very unhappy in a mainstream state primary.

SusanEE17 Mon 15-May-17 15:49:08

I would recommend you take a look as the fit is so important for our lovely ASD children. My experience of state for my son was not positive and the extra attention he needed could not be provided.

xxmum Tue 16-May-17 09:28:23

It's fantastic that your son is happy there! I know it is very difficult to find a perfect school for them. Glad you told me abt HL, ee are going to visit soon.. I have a lot of questions , can I DM you if you don't mind? Thank you!!

SusanEE17 Tue 16-May-17 11:36:41

Yes sure, I've not posted on mumsnet before but I assume it will be obvs if you message me!

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