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Affect of undiagnosed longsight on ds ? What now

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geekchicz Sun 22-Jan-17 14:33:30

Hi I posted in chat but no one replied !
Today 12:58 geekchicz

Hi - posting for traffic . I've name changed as its a bit outing and I'm feeling guilty all sorts .
For the last 3 years I've sat there at parents evening , parent assemblies wondering why my lovely boy hated school so much and why he struggled in the classroom and I've been looking for answers. He was well behaved compliant but grumpy and emotional - often lost in a day dream.
Every Sunday afternoon we've say for hours trying to complete hmwk then Ds would surprise us suddenly make a jump academically . More recently we've sat with the ed psych as she politely told me my bright inquisitive boy does not have a "learning posture" . We've started down the route of paedatrics which was dismissed as an option by salt a couple of years ago . We dutifully took him to TWO hearing tests. Never thought about his sight . He used to point out planes in the sky!

Then this week I took him to my opticians app, my first ever ( me and dh have great vision - bet you see where this is going ) I've never needed glasses . I'd booked one for Ds 1 to tick that box.

Turns out ds is massively massively longsighted and has an astigmatismHe cannot see a thing close up . He has spent the first 7 and half years in a fog. He has spent the last 4 years struggling at school . He repeated reception as a very late August born. ( then joined the yr 2 class of original peers and had to remake friendships )
The relief , guilt and apprehension are just outweighed by the excitement that perhaps everything may not be perfect but suddenly it will get massively better for him.
The optician smiled and said " huge - wait and see"

My other question was would not being able to see the diagnostic test pictures affect the receptive language test by salt and what are the implications for the cognitive test the ed psych was about to do . Outside school and often in sporty settings my ds presents as "normal" not particularly quirky .

I have so many questions swirling round atm in light of the revelation!

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