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End of my tether.

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MoominMamma3 Mon 16-Jan-17 21:11:19

DS is 6 and has ASD. Over the past few months his behaviour has become unbearable. He will not go to bed. I put him to bed around 7:30/8 and most nights and he gets out of bed dozens of times.

He is such hard work during the day I just want an hour or two in the evenings to myself. I'm considering asking his father to take him for a week or two but I'm not sure that'd help long term.

I love him to death but honestly, the increased intensity of his SEN is driving me to the brink

Trying2bgd Tue 24-Jan-17 21:28:41


I thought I would give this a bump to see if anyone can help. I don't have any advice but I think asking his father to help would at least give you a break to recover and recharge. I hope someone can give you more advice.

TheCakes Tue 24-Jan-17 21:36:11

I assume his dad doesn't live with you? Does he have contact? You really do need a break. My oldest can be really hard work.
They go to their dad's EOW. Awful as it sounds, I'm glad of the break sometimes.

Molly333 Tue 24-Jan-17 21:41:21

Have you contacted social care formally social services . They have a responsibility to support people in order that people's heath and we'll being is protected , what that means is that you may get a direct payment to help you buy in support eg a cleaner or someone to give you a break . It is an amazing amount of money available for everyone bought in under the care Act 2014, you need to ring your local council and ask for a carers assessment under the care Act. The council has a legal responsibility to do this for you x

RandomMess Tue 24-Jan-17 21:41:30

Does he struggle to sleep/not need much sleep?

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