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Will my son lose his place if I move LA areas?

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Blondie457 Sun 08-Jan-17 03:12:55

Hi everyone,

Desperately seeking some advice. My son has a statement and has recently received an offer for his place at secondary school- our first choice too!!

He moves schools in September (from year 6 to 7).

My current situation at home has changed and I am looking at moving- not far but it is into a different council area (LA).

Will my son lose his place? I'm desperate to keep it- I don't mind loosing the transport and taking him to school myself.

Thank you in advance for any advice. smile

user1471537877 Sun 08-Jan-17 22:52:33

Hi op

I don't know if you meant to put this on special needs for advice, but if your child is awarded a place because of an EHCP you should be fine

If however you have no EHCP then I believe you need to be in the property when your child starts. If this is the case try posting in secondary for the attention of admission, Tiggytape or PRH all of whom are admissions experts

Megatherium Tue 10-Jan-17 23:08:52

When you move, the papers should be transferred to the new area and the LA must decide whether to maintain the EHCP as it is, or whether to review and amend it. If you move some distance away, obviously they would have to amend to change the name of the school.

Obviously you aren't planning on moving far. If this is a mainstream school I suspect the new council won't bother to change the name, but if they appear at all reluctant it would definitely be worth telling them you will sort out transport.

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