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reasonable adjustment - capped cost?

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Kanga59 Thu 05-Jan-17 21:33:58

Is it possible for a school to cap a "reasonable adjustment" at say £2K. And then any costs over that are bourne by the parents?

My son's private school has asked me how many hours he will access school for the next 3 years, and I said 22.5 hours a week. The head plans to ask the governors for their approval, or not, of this extra cost. The extra cost is related to his 1-1 (only 15 hours are funded by the council).

I am uncomfortable with having to say now, his hours for the next 3 years. Non disabled pupils don't have to - EA discrimination? My non-disabled child only has to notify a term's notice.

They are also saying that my son can't access holiday club because his 1-1 only works term time.

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