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Should we have our 14 yr old assessed for ADD? Torn.

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RosieLig Tue 27-Dec-16 12:35:22

Looking for some advice and support.

Our 14 year old is dyslexic but his main challenge is his focus. Behaviour is fine.

We have resisted getting him tested for ADD as we didn't want to give him another label (he has low self esteem). However he's now in the first year of his GCSEs and has just had a pretty poor set of internal test results and report which yet again mention his focus. I was hoping that this was improving so it's a real blow.

I am now thinking maybe we should get him assessed. In his dyslexia testing he scored particularly high in perceptual reasoning and similarly in a school test he got one of the best marks in the year for non- verbal reasoning test they did. However his recent class tests put him way below his year average.

Any advice would be brilliant. It's just so hard to know what the best thing is to do.

Trying2bgd Tue 24-Jan-17 21:25:33

Does he get any support from a SEN teacher? My DD, year 9, has focus issues as a result of dyslexia. I would talk it over with them before you do an assessment, they may be able to offer an alternative.

yomellamoHelly Tue 24-Jan-17 21:35:24

I would because it could result in him getting extra time / allowances when he sits his exams which may help him perform better.

RosieLig Thu 26-Jan-17 19:40:11


Thanks both. He does have SFL input and gets extra time anyway due to his dylexia. Even without a diagnosis he can get separate accommodation which may be a good idea.

It's just weighing up the pros and cons of a formal diagnosis. What would he get that he doesn't already?

meekey Mon 06-Feb-17 19:31:06

Yes. Absolutely. We debated for years, now year 7 had first assessment and yes my son has been referred for further assessment. It gives your school a starting point to meet their needs.

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