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Private assessment URGENTLY

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bmblawyer Thu 15-Dec-16 09:26:15

Hi I am in desperate need of a recommendation for a private assessment for dyslexia/dyspraxia autism/ADHD for an 8yo. Ideally in the Ealing, West London area. TIA.

Manumission Thu 15-Dec-16 09:36:58

If it's really urgent I'd plump for one of the multi-practitioner clinics. Some contract to schools and LEAs, so have an especial wealth of current classroom-relevant and legally-aware knowledge, which can be helpful if you're wanting teacher-friendly action plans or to use the reports for ECHP purposes or similar.

I've found busy solo practitioners aren't always the best about returning calls, so group practices are also often better in that regard.


I'm afraid my London-specific knowledge has lapsed so I can't help with a specific contact.

Manumission Thu 15-Dec-16 09:38:26

Is it diagnostic assessment that you need?

ShastaBeast Wed 21-Dec-16 12:34:40

We had an assessment for ADHD at the effra clinic for ADHD. They also cover autism but I'm not sure about dyspraxia etc. They have a website and we're helpful answering questions before booking. It was adult but I'm tempted to go again for our DD.

mintaero4 Tue 27-Dec-16 12:10:57

I took my child to the Bloomfield Learning Centre in London Bridge for a private dyslexia assessment. They recommended my other child be tested for dyspraxia and I took him to the local OT service in my borough. But should would like a private assessment.

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