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Dyscalculia testing in the Brighton area

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artyB Mon 05-Dec-16 11:37:45

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew of a centre which specialises in testing for dyscalculia in the Brighton area. I've found some in London but wondered if there was one closer to home. Or can anyone recommend a good educational psychologist in the same area? It would be for by DD who is 11. Thanks very much.

LIZS Mon 05-Dec-16 11:43:33

Try looking on the patoss website. It is primarily for dyslexia but most ed psychs can cover other splds.

artyB Mon 12-Dec-16 11:46:40

Thank you LIZS. I've only just seen I got a response sorry! I'm completely new to mumsnet and expected a notification that I got a reply in my email smile. I'll have a search on patoss. Thanks again.

Didiplanthis Tue 27-Dec-16 21:20:01

Hello. Just seen this and you have probably found something but we used MPA in Brighton for ed psych for dyslexia and they were great.

Candlestickcapers Wed 28-Dec-16 16:59:08

I'd second MPA. John Mckeown himself if you can get him.

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