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CozyAutumn Thu 24-Nov-16 08:51:45

DS (5), has been referred by the SENCO at school to be seen by an EP. What will this entail and has anyone else's child been seen by one and can give me their experiences. It all sounds very intense! Is it as bad as it sounds?

BackforGood Thu 24-Nov-16 21:53:59

I don't know how universal it is, and what is peculiar to our Local authority, but here, an EP will usually make one visit to the home to talk to parents - if possible see the dc at home (not always workable if they are school age but it's often good to see the dc in different environments). They will then usually watch the child getting on (or not) as part of the class, and then they will also do some individual assessment with them to assess their understanding, cognition, thought processing, etc. They will also talk to staff who know them.

^ This is what happens if they are thinking of applying for an EHC for a child, which obviously they should have had full conversations with you about first.

Schools can also 'buy in' EP's time, for advice around strategies to try, or for staff training.

IT kind of depends why the EP has been asked to see your dc. What has been said to you ?

Slowdownsally Wed 30-Nov-16 20:14:14

My son had his second EP observation today -all at school. Couldn't have been more helpful and supportive. Lots of strategies for in classroom and home, recommendation for medical/clinical engagement and proper recognition of dc's challenges and wonderfulness. Honestly hope your EP is as sensitive and helpful.

It is intense, because it's about your child, who you love and want to protect and support, but it was also very re-assuring.

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