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Dyslexia assessment - where do I start?

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Artistic Thu 17-Nov-16 09:48:37

I have a DD in yr5 in a private school. It's becoming apparent that she's struggling to keep pace & follow instructions (always had this problem but we thought she was being slow or lazy!). Her tuition teacher has brought this to our attention & suggested we do an assessment. I am totally fine with this. But my main objective would be ( other than establishing her degree of difficulty) to allow her extra time in selective tests (in 12 months time). At the moment she never finishes any test she takes at school or home, which her peers are able to complete & score well. School support is also vital but being a private school they will be able to make minor provisions for her if needed. She's very good at English (top of year) but struggles to finish writing! Maths is a huge weakness as she struggles to arrange numbers & remember methods. After a bit of practice she's great at it but keeps slipping back!

Where should I start? I looked at private assessment but what will selective schools accept as formal assessment to allow extra time?

LIZS Thu 17-Nov-16 09:56:29

The school senco may have the relevant qualification to assess otherwise you need an Ed Psych . The Patoss website is really helpful in locating a suitable one or maybe the senco could advise of one others have used. You need her processing skills assessed and there is a score (84) below which extra time etc are allowed. You may find a scribe/laptop/reader is also recommended.

Artistic Thu 17-Nov-16 11:12:13

Thank you Lizs. I will look this up. Do private schools have Senco? Can they initiate this process? Or will they only be able to give me a letter for my GP?

LIZS Thu 17-Nov-16 13:10:42

You can self refer to a private Ed Psych. It would be useful to have some discussion with school before ringing to provide some idea of what the issues are at home and school. There will be a senco, perhaps known as head of learning support, tbh I'm quite shocked if you've not been contacted by them already.

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