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how do you know if your childs needs are being met

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vickibee Wed 16-Nov-16 11:56:44

in mainstream primary?

My son is HFASD and the school talk a good game and produce all the correct paperwork (have to chase IEP & Meetings Etc) but I feel their interventions aren't that great. He was so behind in numeracy that we engaged a private tutor , one hour pw from Nov 16 and the progress he has made is beyond what we expected.The school are trying to take credit for this when we now it is our intervention that has worked as he gets little in the way of support in class.

I also feel that they do not understand the needs of an ASD child, for example his report said he finds it hard to empathise with characters in books, shows little imagination in creative writing and cannot predict the outcomes of stories. I challenged this but got no response. Of course the school has to allocate resources fairly etc but it is OFSTED outstanding but perhaps bot in SEN?

vickibee Wed 16-Nov-16 13:55:02

bump anyone

SerendipityPhenomenon Wed 16-Nov-16 21:42:27

It's difficult to know, but I guess you could ask for a list of the interventions they are using and full details of what support he is getting. Also ask for details of any assessments undertaken since he arrived, including basic reading, spelling and numeracy assessments and their results.

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