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Recommend me a good private Ed Psych in Milton Keynes area?

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OldLagNewName Mon 17-Oct-16 19:51:04

Having got fed up with school faffing and delaying, I think we're in the market for a private Ed Psych appointment. It's for possible dyslexia / dysgraphia or possibly something else affecting reading, writing and spelling (his teacher doesn't think he's dyslexic. I'm not sure). Weird optical stuff going on is also a possibility (although he's just had a standard optician's sight-test which found nothing abnormal). He's Y3, if that's relevant. Can anyone recommend a good one in the MK-ish area?

OldLagNewName Mon 17-Oct-16 20:14:37

Or maybe it's not an Ed Psych I need, just a BDA assessor? But if it's not dyslexia, can the BDA help? Don't want to pay for two assessments if we can avoid it!

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