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Total Despair at Education System

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user1475698402 Sun 09-Oct-16 17:00:09

Both my children are severely Dyslexic and Dysbraxic with additional SpLD. Very poor working memory and processing skills. They are both working about 3 years behind (Daughter is 12yrs and son is 8). They both go to state schools where in honesty the school are doing their best, they have tried a number of interventions but with very little progress shown.

My son has become isolated in his class as the others realise that he is 'different' the school are doing a number of buddy projects but he has still never been invited to a party or to someones house for tea since starting school. I really believe that they both need to be in an education setting that fully understands their needs, where they do not feel alone or 'different' (although I think different is something to embrace). Neither have an EHCP and I do not know if it is right to push for that or not, what is the actual benefit of having one for them? The only type of education I see them suiting is a private school specialising in Dyslexia, but financially that is out of the question. We live in Devon, can anyone help me, give me hope, guidance anything as I feel like giving up after 8 years of fighting.

Muddledmike Wed 12-Oct-16 08:36:37

My son has profound dyslexia. He is at a specialist independent school fully funded as it is named on an EHCP. Yes, it's the holy grail in getting support! Apply!!!

user1475698402 Wed 12-Oct-16 12:41:46

Muddlemike - thank you for this. can I ask the fully funded place is it within the county you live? Does your son board? Our problem is that we don't have a specialist independent school within our county and although we are happy to move to wherever a school is but not sure then how we stand with funding with LEA.


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