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Support needed for son with autism

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J4Yaki Fri 07-Oct-16 11:44:04

My name if Jennifer Kazley and I am the mother of a autistic son who will be 17 in November. In December 2013 I made a complaint to the Director of Children Services that they were discriminating against my son due to his disability and since then I have been institutionally bullied by a total of 17 social workers, several landlords, and the police.

Whilst I was exercising my rights under section 326 of the Education Act 1996 in the SENDIST Tribunal social services decided to place my son on the child protection register because she stated my son is suffering with autism. On the 17th September 2015 the social worker and police arrested me because they made false allegations that my son was soaked in urine and starving which was false. Fortunate for me I filmed them with my mobile phone and my son was not soaked in urine and he was eating at the time.

Even though the social retracted her statement the Family Court entertained the LA and still imposed a care order in March 2016 because the police continued to bring criminal charges against me.

On the 2nd August 2016 I was found not guilty in Snaresbrook Crown Court within 5 minutes.

Waltham Forest LA will not return my son to my care and have not provided him with any education for the last three years. The reason for this is because Whitefield School informally excluded him in 2012 which is unlawful and they want to protect their reputation.

A background to my story can be found here:

I need all the support I can get to stop this happening to other children who are failed led by the system.

I have represented myself in the SENDIST Tribunal, Family Court and the Crown Court whilst the LA have used tax payers money on barristers who are corrupt.

Please support my campaign which can be found here:

I have made complaints to all those who are involved and I am waiting for a response from the police as to why I was arrested and why my son was unlawfully removed from my care.

I have lost my job as a paediatric nurse because of the false allegations and I have not seen my son since May 2016.

Please support my campaign and spread the word.


Jennifer Kazley

J4Yaki Fri 07-Oct-16 11:45:33

Please support my campaign because I am being institutionally bullied by Waltham Forest LA and the police who are abusing their powers.

Manumission Fri 07-Oct-16 11:50:46

I'm so sorry to read that Jennifer.

I suppose everything is on hold until the criminal charges are resolved? What did they charge you with? Or was the Not guilty verdict for child neglect in August the end of all criminal proceedings?

Are other family members able to have contact with your son?

Wishing you strength flowers

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