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Dyslexia and additional SpLD - finding a school to help

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user1475698402 Wed 05-Oct-16 21:33:59

My son is 8 and is dyslexic, the school he is in have put in lots of interventions and a variety of different learning styles but with no real progression. He is now 3 years behind his peers and the gap continues to grow. We have been told he needs more specialist 1:1 intervention within a school that can offer that. Which we agree with, however the only provision for that locally is private and that comes at a cost. Has anyone got any advice on what we do. The school have said we need to start gathering all the evidence for an EHCP, but what will this actually achieve if the school are still unable to cater for his learning needs. He doesn't have behavioural issues although he himself is getting frustrated at being isolated from the rest of the class as he cannot do the work they are doing. I have read somewhere that we could go to a tribunal and go through a battle to get a funded place at a local private school which of course has the specialist dyslexia and SpLD unit. Really appreciate any guidance as we have gone through so much to even get him diagnosed.

user1475698402 Wed 05-Oct-16 21:34:30

Should add we are in SW - Devon

curryandrice Wed 05-Oct-16 21:41:03

Have you a school in mind and, if so, maybe they could give you advice. I would also ring someone like Dyslexia Action.

Sal4533 Wed 05-Oct-16 21:45:05


My daughter has a Statement of Special Needs for Dyslexia - LEA gave that very easily ( about 5 years ago), we proved how severe she was by getting a private Educational Psychologist report. What the LEA would not agree on was the school provision stating she would be ok in her normal school with supportshockhmm. ( she was already in private school but not achieving). We took the LEA to tribunal & won. She attends Shapwick School as a boarder fully funded by LEA and has done for 4 years. An expensive process though. We are in Staffordshire and Shapwick is the school most suited to her needs.

user1475698402 Wed 05-Oct-16 21:48:15

Our geographical location determines the choices we have (very few) a school within our town has the specialist teaching, we have considered moving to be nearer a school that can cater for his needs but that would mean disrupting his older sister (12) also dyslexic with SpLD but who is managing with support to continue in mainstream. I have tried to speak to the private school but only to enquire about any bursaries (there are none). I will contact them again with another approach of a possible LEA funded place..

user1475698402 Wed 05-Oct-16 21:54:20

Thanks Sal, we have had Ed Psych, Occ Therapist and Physiotherapists reports all done on son, he doesn't have an EHCP yet, which is what I believe he needs and presumably to go to tribunal we would need. Have you now seen progress with your daughter since moving her to Shapwick?

Sal4533 Wed 05-Oct-16 22:09:48


Most definitely, the school is fantastic. ( despite have a difficult year with OFSTED). DD reading & spelling age increased dramatically. Much more confident as well. She will be starting GCSE's soon and will get full assistance. I understand that EHCP's have replaced statements of special needs. Tribunal was traumatic and I had to really 'prove' her learning difficulties which meant expert witnesses - Lindsay Peer is well known. I also had a barrister Andrew Barrowclough. Good luck with everything - it's an uphill struggle to get the support you need.

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