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Thinking speed versus reading speed.

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AGenie Wed 05-Oct-16 13:02:02


I wondered if I could ask advice about a reading problem?

I had big problems with reading as a child and young adult and eventually was diagnosed with convergence insufficiency (my eyes didn't quite point in the same direction).

This was fixed with exercises and I can now read really really fast. However, I have been having big problems with stress levels, and with my digestion, and I just realised today that it is partly because my thinking brain now can't keep up with my eyes.

I figured out that I get indigestion when I read, because my eyes are reading very fast, but my brain is struggling to take in the information. I tried reading much more slowly and rereading sentences over and over until I had definitely grasped the content. Magically, the digestion and stress levels felt much better afterwards.

I wondered if the sencos out there and the reading specialists would recognise this as a known phenomenon, and if there any specific advice on it, other than "read slower"?

I am thinking that I need to take notes as I read as I was trying to read a very complex Financial Times article on Clinton v Trump and I kept forgetting critical bits of information that were needed to understand the later parts of the article. A few notes would really have helped.

For context, I am in my 40s and I have a 1st and a PhD.

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