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son has been failed in education, HELP!!!

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deemar79 Tue 13-Sep-16 10:29:56

this is my first post, i really have no idea where to start with getting some action for the lack of education my statemented son has received. he has ADHD alongside Asperger syndrome and was statemented when he was in the beginning of year 7. when he had this he was moved to another school that had a special unit to cope and ease kids in a mainstream school. this failed and he ended up being a part time student and he rebelled because they were trying to force him into a classroom setting that he couldn't cope with. this went on for a while till he was not in education at all and ended up being out of school for around 8 months while he went through the panel debacle where it was eventually agreed this was the wrong place for him. his education case worker tried to convince me to send him to a school that can only be described at best as chaotic. i refused and it took another few months to find him a place at a special needs school which at the time looked like the best but this (very expensive) school eventually released they couldn't cope and farmed him out at different projects. im feel im rambling a bit now but this is the bare bones of the situation and i have just rang up for his ONE GCSE result because nobody told him how to get his results or bothered to contact us to be told to wait somebody will ring. i would appreciate if somebody could point me in a direction of legal help as he has been massively failed and they cant even be bothered to give him his result!

user1471449592 Tue 13-Sep-16 20:20:20

I would advise you to contact IPSEA It really does sound like your son has been badly let down.

User101 Tue 25-Oct-16 14:05:26


My son is year 9 and has been out of school for 18 months. he is ADHD and ASD (HF) and was terribly failed by the education system. We are going to Tribunal in December over the School place. We live in Bucks. We have used a lawyer called Robert Love, Tayntons in Gloucester. He is very familiar with this work as he has a special needs son himself. He is expensive but I feel our case is as prepared as it can be because of his advice. He keeps me sane despite all the stress that surrounds me. Hope this helps and good luck. I feel your pain.

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