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Verbena37 Wed 07-Sep-16 16:31:08

DS (11) just started at secondary this week and has dx of HF ASD.
We've stated that he and we don't want other children knowing about his dx however, today, he came home saying that firstly, he was pulled out of class by a SEN TA who said in front of the class " can I please borrow DS for a bit?"

Then secondly, another boy with HF ASD told my DS that the TA had told him DS also has autism....but not as much as him. She apparently said DS has high anxiety, like the other boy. The other boy said it in front of other children who then asked DS is he has special needs. DS denied it all but the other boy kept saying "yes, Mrs TA says you do" etc.

I'm sure she was trying to be helpful and calm the other child but which part of medical confidentiality does she not understand?

DS was distraught on arriving home and now doesn't want to go to school again.

What is the best way to approach the SEN team about it?

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