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Year ten child with dyscalulia

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ColinFirthsGirth Tue 06-Sep-16 16:11:29

Hi everyone,
My son has just gone into year ten today. He was assessed at the end of year 5 and the assessor said that as far as they could possibly say he has dyscalculia. Since the start of year 7 he has had extra help in amths and english instead of doing French. Now that he has started year ten that will stop. His end of year nine level for maths was a level 3. He was level 4 at Christmas of year 7. So as you can see he has gone down despite three years of extra help. His school is very very good in many ways but it is obvious from parents evenings that his maths teachers had never ben told about the dyscalculia. I am now rather concerned as we are in the situation that he will no longer have the extra help in intervention but is at the level he was at in yeat 6. I am wondering if we should try to get an official diagnosis from an educational psychologist as I am worried about what will happen after he finsihes school in termso f fruther education etc as he will not pass maths at gcse with a C I am sure. On the other hand we have been told that there is no definitive test for dyscalculia and I don';t know if this would make any difference to the school anyway.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

LIZS Tue 06-Sep-16 16:16:53

Worth getting an Ed Psych report. You may find that there is an overall processing issue. Why is the support stopping now? I wouldn't get too hung up about the levels as junior/senior evaluate differently. Gcses will be graded 1-9 by the time dc sits it and if "failed" there are alternative level 1 and 2 qualifications which can be taken alongside other qualifications in year 12/13.

ColinFirthsGirth Tue 06-Sep-16 16:43:47

LIZS thanks for the reply. In my childrens school they have intervention as they call it when the other pupils are doing French. My two don't do French so have been having this exrta help then. Once they get to year ten and are doing their options then no longer have intervention as they don't have to do French anymore anyway - ie there is'n't any gaps in the timetable anymore to offer intervention. They can do a small amount of help in morning form time but they have implied that he isnb't sever enough for it. I shall be talking to the SENCO about this. I am trying to not get hung u[ on levels but what worries me is that he his levels have gone down sicne year 7 in the same school. So it isn't just a case of them having gone down since primary school. After three years of intervention his levels have gone down not up at all and his teachers never seem to know about the dyscalculia - which makes me concerned that there is a lack of communication between the SEN department and his maths teacher. He has to type all his work in English etc as his handwriting is too hard to read and he is behind in literacy although has a great reading age. His Primary school had him assessed - after I begged - but didn't do barely any of the suggestions in the report.

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