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Communication devices

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discoballfever Fri 02-Sep-16 03:14:08

Hi I have this thread in chat but as I want to get as many opinions as possible.
But I know this is the best place for specialised advice so hope you don't mind me copy and pasting thankyou.

Hi I am posting here mainly for traffic. I do post in the Sen section aswell but it is a lot quieter over there.
So my Ds is 4 has asd and is non verbal. Salt have just started trying the now and next boards with him and I'm also using this at home to try and develop some understanding. Hopefully this will lead onto pecs for communicating.
The thing is it is a lot of cards to carry around and then the fact if we need to add something new, we have to wait till we can print, laminate and Velcro the new card.
So I'm thinking of getting Ds a iPad currently has a Windows tablet.
I just wondered what you guys use, and if you can recommend any apps/software that would be great.

ktjb39 Fri 02-Sep-16 08:21:34

Have a look at widget online it's really good - you can use it to type instructions etc using pictorials.

discoballfever Mon 05-Sep-16 09:27:17

Thanks for reply I'm sick of carrying the cards around though.
I'm off to buy him a iPad today and then it's about £150 for the software I've seen that looks best

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