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Sen provision at woldingham and roedean

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Mrssigns Mon 29-Aug-16 21:00:22

It looks great from their websites. Does anyone have any experience of either school's provision ? My daughter has mild/moderate dyslexia, poor working memory and hypomobility, which makes spelling harder and writing tiring.

Mrs signs

Starling123 Mon 17-Oct-16 19:04:21

DD is at Roedean. Absolutely loves it. Fantastic pastoral support. Can't advise re SEN provision I'm afraid.

blackcat1926 Thu 05-Jan-17 22:23:33

Our daughter started Roedean in September and loves it. She has mild learning difficulties and has been well supported so far. They give her one to one support in English where required and we meet the SENCO as and when we need to. She has her own learning plan that teachers are aware of. Many of the lessons are set which means that our daughter can learn at a pace that suits her. I would say that the best aspect of the School is the positive atmosphere and pastoral support which has really helped our daughter's self confidence - this was quite low when she arrived from her previous school . Obviously, every child's need is different, but I would recommend that you have a chat with the SENCO.

Mrssigns Thu 02-Mar-17 20:29:07

Thank you for sharing.

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