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EP has suggested The Dominie, Emerson House or Fairly House - any others?

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CousinBotony Sat 13-Aug-16 14:07:23


My DD who is 7.5 has just been assessed by an EP who has suggested she has ADD (non attentive type) and dyslexia. We are seeing a paediatrician in November to confirm this.

Anyway, the EP has suggested we go and look at the above schools to see what they could offer us going forward (my DD is currently at a private school in West London).

My daughters current headmistress has hinted that they don't think they can help any further and I suspect my DD will be 'managed out' in the next year or two.

Does anyone have any experience of these schools or maybe any suggestions of schools like them in the London area?


sh77 Tue 23-Aug-16 23:24:19

I thought FH was more geared towards dyslexia and dyspraxia? They won't take kids with behavioral issues or ASD ( not saying your child has behavioral issues btw). I spoke to admissions at FH and it seems like an amazing place. I have my eye on it if DS gets managed out of his prep or doesn't cope.

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