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DS fianlly diagnosed ASD

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vickibee Tue 05-Jul-16 10:46:06

After a long battle with school and health professional our son (9 yo) has finally been diagnosed with high functioning autism. We are awaiting a full written report.
My son has had an IEP for a whlie now as he struggles especially in maths. He is in mainsteam and the HT made a point of telling me that all his needs are being met and that the diagnosis makes no difference. Is this correct? Is he entitled to any additional support? At the moment we are payinf for a private tutor (1 hour pw) to help him catch up in maths. He has made so much progress with this lady on one-to-one.
My understandind is limited but how do you qualify for an EHCP? would he be entitled to ask for this?

Any advice greatly appreciated

vickibee Thu 07-Jul-16 10:29:47

bump anyone please...

Just5minswithDacre Thu 07-Jul-16 10:37:47

ECHP is appropriate if he needs more support than school action plus provides.

You can make a parental request for assessment. (Lots of us wouldn't have statements/ECHPs for our DC if we'd waited for the school to take action).

Maybe start making some notes about what you feel he needs. Have you got cognitive psych reports in addition to the Dx? Do any of the reports make specific recommendations for his education?

Just5minswithDacre Thu 07-Jul-16 10:40:34 is a very good SEN advice charity, who can help with legal and procedural queries.

vickibee Thu 07-Jul-16 11:23:49

He has been seen by an Ed Psyc as part of the assessment, we are awaiting formal reports from the health professionals. We will wait and see as there is only one week left of term.
5 mins - The school are not very supportive, they make all the right noises but very little action IYSWIM. Obviouly we would like help for him and find out our rights regarding an ECHP

Just5minswithDacre Thu 07-Jul-16 12:15:26

The school are not very supportive, they make all the right noises but very little action IYSWIM.

I know exactly what you mean, sadly.

The reports will help. Maybe wait for them but start preparing in the meanwhile; find out about the process, make your own notes, think about secondary transfer a bit?

vickibee Thu 07-Jul-16 14:11:39

The SENCO said he was surprised at the diagnosis and compared to other children with the condition he functions quite well. I had been trying to communicate his difficulties to the school for years!
I dont know if his needs are being met - he is one of those kids who will do the bare minimum and sit under the radar at school. He is learning guitar which he seems to love and have a flair for, perhaps he will be good at music.?

His biggest difficulty is frienships, he has lots of casual freinds but no one he really connects with, he never gets play dates or party invites and it breaks my heartsad At weekends and in holidays he does not see any kids other than at Hol Club

Waht can I do to nuture friendships and can school help?

mary21 Thu 07-Jul-16 16:24:03

School can help but its certainly not one size fits all. My DS benefited from a social skills group and made friends with the other kids in the group Severn though they weren't in his year. They also tried a buddy scheme which didn't work . DS kept ditching the buddy!
A friend's dd (asd)tried circle of friends and couldn't cope with the attention it brought where as another child I know with downs really benefited.

OneEpisode Thu 07-Jul-16 16:26:09

Have you applied for DLA/carers which could help with costs like that tutor?

vickibee Thu 07-Jul-16 18:14:24

Would he be eligible for dla? I wouldn't know where to begin with applying.

OneEpisode Thu 07-Jul-16 18:42:40

Phone up the disability benefits centre and ask for the DLA claim form. Ask for it to be posted to you and the claim could be backdated to the date you ask for the form.
I don't know if you are eligible, there is guidance online, you can download another copy of the form and look at the questions.
You definitely don't need any final diagnosis to claim.
If you decide to return the form it will be assessed and DLA could be awarded at one of the different rates depending on the level of assistance your dc currently needs.
There is an appeal process if it doesn't seem fair.

mary21 Fri 08-Jul-16 07:50:59

The.cerebra guide to claiming dla is suposed to be really good. Search cerebra and you will find it

vickibee Fri 08-Jul-16 11:48:43

Thanks for all help

vickibee Tue 12-Jul-16 10:47:48

I have requested the dla form and it looks daunting filling it in!

Also I have received a brief summary of the assessment but is doesn't really say a great deal. I guess a copy will support the dla application.

I certainly think we may be eligible for lower rate care as he does take a lot of looking after / supervising - in effect he has to be micro managed and can only follow one instruction at once!

vickibee Mon 12-Sep-16 14:35:34

I filled out the DLA form, the advice form the ASD doctor was to think about his worst days when completing the form. I am surprised that he has been awarded Low rate mobility and middle rate care, that's £76pw and will make a huge difference to our son and the help he can access.
The ASD coordinator is visiting our home at end of Sept to provide info about local support groups and similar. So pleased smile

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