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suspected ADHD - changes to diet

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hamsternumber1 Sun 19-Jun-16 08:49:20

My son is 10 and displays many symptoms of ADHD.

DH and I had deliberated for years about whether to get him assessed or not. DH very against it.

We are trying to make changes which will help him on a day to day basis. Visual timetables are working well, clearer instructions, clearer rules and encouraging his concentration and focus although he finds it hard.

Sleep has improved with white noise.

I've been looking his diet and his behaviour is certainly worse after certain foods - drinks such as fruit shoots or Vimto (which he has very rarely) result in a change in behaviour as do haribo.

He is always hungry and eats lots and lots of bread, pasta, croissants etc to keep him going.

I think I've persuaded DH to at least let me talk to the doctor about it.

Are there any changes to his diet that would help in the meantime - short of limiting sweets.

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