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Private school (for now) but need a SEN statement / plan

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Celesteville Fri 17-Jun-16 11:21:28

I would really appreciate some advice or experience on dealing with SEN when in the private system but wanting to move into the state system or a special SEN school.

My DS is finishing Year 1 in a private school in London where we got him a place in the middle of Reception last year when we moved back from abroad. We put him in a private school to tide us over until we found a house to move to permanently as we are currently in a small flat in an area we won't stay in, we are hoping to sell our flat and move somewhere where he and his younger sister can get places in a state primary.

After a huge amount of struggling with reading and writing the school and I recently agreed that the best thing for him would be to stay down and do Year 1 again next year which he wants to do. I really thought that having the extra time and less pressure would be the "fix" we are hoping for and take the pressure off on all the homework and feeling stupid, loss of self esteem etc. I was prepared to either battle with whichever LEA we end up moving to when getting a place in a state primary to stay down a year or if necessary to continue to fork out nearly everything we have to keep in the private system if needed.

Having already had to confirm this decision, we managed to get an assessment last week by an educational psychologist who has diagnosed (with as much certainty as possible given his young age etc.) severe dyslexia, dyspraxia and likely also dyscalculia. Such a difficult thing to hear/ accept. She advised that we aim to get him a place at a special school that can address his needs and that sadly staying down a year will not be the magic bullet. She seemed very clear that mainstream school either state or private would not be able to "get through" to him, and her advice was to move him to a state school and pay for SEN school every morning (so the school would really only be about being part of something in the afternoon, making friends etc.).

So my dilemma is now that we can't possibly afford private school as well private SEN interventions / special school - we are currently living in Westminster but likely moving to another borough in the next year or so. Can we apply for any sort of statement of SEN whilst he is at a private school? If we were living somewhere we could stay long term I would put him in any state school that had a place and pay for private SEN help, but since we need to move soon that would mean 2 school moves for both him and his sister which I can't contemplate. Anyone able to decipher this tangle we are in and any advice would be so appreciated!!

Kanga59 Fri 17-Jun-16 21:28:42

You or his school can apply for an ehcp, whether it be a private or state school. What does your school senco advise?

A child with an ehcp will be second on a state school admissions list only to a looked after child. so you'll have a good pick of the schools with spaces

the infant class sizes rules don't apply to Y3 onwards

JudyCoolibar Sun 19-Jun-16 22:58:25

Yes, you can apply. There's information about how to apply on Ipsea's website.

Celesteville Mon 20-Jun-16 22:51:30

Thank you for the replies, I am going to look into the EHCP. I was told by one SENCO that they only give them to those in the lower 2% of their disability which sounds extremely low?

Fairylea Mon 20-Jun-16 22:56:06

I've never heard that about the 2% thing. They are given to lots of children who need help above and beyond the normal Sen provision that a mainstream school can provide - doesn't mean they have to leave mainstream but need extra support academically and/or emotionally. I would apply, they - the council- will assess and decide whether to grant one.

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeG0es Mon 20-Jun-16 23:04:27

I think it's 2% of all children. Do have a look at the website of IPSEA, also another charity called SOSSEN, they both have lots of useful information. It can take a very long time to get the plan in place, unfortunately, so the sooner you apply the better.

blaeberry Tue 28-Jun-16 07:47:07

I am guessing the ed psych was private. Have you seen a developmental paediatrician? If not, I would ask for a referral from your GP. Also ask for a referral to occupational therapy (though this may need to come from the paed). Dyspraxia is normally diagnosed by OT and they will normally advise/offer support to help with fine and gross motor skills and adaptions that may help in the classroom. My dyspraxic ds (7) has a specialist chair, laptop, pencil grips and writing slope and does sessions to support his motor skills in school.

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