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son disruptive at school - so worried!!!

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sprout2 Wed 08-Jun-16 10:45:52

My son is 13 (year 8) - he is constantly disruptive in class - calling out other children's names - constantly talking and generally attention seeking. We went to his parents evening recently and I felt so ashamed about the comments we received from the teachers.
His results have demonstrated that he has some capabilities and they have said he can produce good work, but this is rare and more often than not he is disinterested and bringing issues from the playground into the classroom.
He was diagnosed with dyslexia a year ago and has had intermittent hearing loss since he was a baby (glue ear). The school are aware of all of this and have put some interventions in place. I am concerned he is on the verge of permanent exclusion.
I really hope someone can provide some advice, the past couple of years have been a living hell - constantly stressed about him and the school. He has always had terrible social skills and we have tried to develop his social skills by taking him to different activities. But now, I am just at a loss and feel so much despair as to where this is going to end.

Iamthegreatest1 Wed 08-Jun-16 15:23:09

Sorry to hear what you're going through OP. Has he always been like this or it just started in ur 8? Have you co side red visiting the GP and perhaps assessing him for ADHD? DS has ADHD and dome of the things you describe ed sound familiar.

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