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Private diagnosis for ASD and ADHD advice please.

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Kinkajousj82 Wed 25-May-16 11:36:08

I wondered if anyone could offer any advice who has already been through this...

My eldest son (8) has Aspergers. It was diagnosed privately at age 4.
We went private as NHS waiting list was sooooo long.
Our GP gave us details of a specialist.

However now I believe my 6 year son many also have it along with ADHD.
Again I'd like to go privately.
I'm reluctant to use the same doctor as I'd like a more thorough approach this time around. The reason being my 6 year old is not a clear cut case. He's complex and I feel for an accurate diagnosis he'd need to be seen by someone very experienced or several tupes of professionals e.g ed psych as well.

I saw the Portland hospital do an initial assessment then refer you to their multi disciplinary team if further assessment is needed.

Has anyone used this service? Any particular doctors anyone could recommend either there or elsewhere?

We are in South West London/Surrey area.

Thank you!smile

Muddledmike Mon 06-Jun-16 09:10:45

I haven't used the service and like you, we chose private to get more thorough reports etc. (different diagnosis) I think what you need to look at is what you're hoping to get from your appointments/reports? Will a new "label" change anything? In our case, we waited until he was 8 (he has a medical cerebral palsy digonisis from NHS) then we got a very thorough private ed psyc report which resulted in statement, special school placement etc. trust yourself, but if you're spending, choose wisely unless you have bottomless pockets!

dyslexiamidlandsspecialists Mon 27-Jun-16 16:55:10


If you can travel we provide a full multi disciplinary assessment service in Worcestershire using N.I.C.E guidelines:

Let me now if we can help or advise?

Service Manager

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