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Not getting what statement says

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bobalinga Thu 11-Jan-07 18:20:40

My Dd is 3 and has just started at a special schoool. She has severe spastic quad cerebral palsy and is blind. She has no movement in any limbs so can't play, touch things etc. Or sit, roll, walk.
Her statement says she should have one to one at all times. The class she's in has 3 adults and 5 severely disabled kids so there's times when the kids are left lying on the floor doing nothing. Should I push for the one to one assistant or is this usual?

hercules1 Thu 11-Jan-07 22:55:01

This is pretty usual but if her statement says one to one then I would have thought the school would be able to get the money for that. It may be that this is happening when her one to one is on a break?

Socci Sun 14-Jan-07 22:33:02

Message withdrawn

Jimjams2 Sun 14-Jan-07 22:37:15

gosh you did well to get a 1:1 in special school. When ds1's statement wasn't being met I wrote to the LEA threatening to take them to the local government obudsmen. I had a letter by return which meant that his statement could then be met (I needed authorisation to send his private SALT in- agreement that they would pay as his statement specified SALT and they couldn't supply any).

bobalinga Sat 10-Feb-07 21:35:45

I'll push then. Without 1 to 1 she just lies there like a sack of spuds as she has no movement at all. She's bright though and gets bored within seconds of being left. A normal kid could look around and watch others but C is blind too.
Still waiting for her special chair too. Sigh. Without it she can't 'sit' with the others.

Socci Tue 20-Feb-07 16:52:53

Message withdrawn

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