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Dyslexia assessment London

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NancyBoon100 Thu 21-Apr-16 09:47:03


I've just had my daughter assessed for dyslexia after many years of worrying about her struggling. It's been such a positive experience and went privately. I've received an amazing thorough report that was well worth the £395. The school have also been really pleased with the advice and suggestions and it's really helped her teachers. I can't recommend having it done enough.
My assessor travelled to us and I think she travels anywhere in and around London, I wouldn't normally promote someone but she's been so great, I can't praise her enough. Her website is:

loopygoose Mon 04-Jul-16 09:44:24

That's really useful. I'll keep that contact to offer to others. Here is what I have found to work with my dyslexic child.

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