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First Consultant appt for DS - he mentioned Dyspraxia.

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Tanfastic Wed 20-Apr-16 13:41:51

We had a first consultation with a consultant paediatrician yesterday regarding DS who has just turned eight. He has had various problems all his life but recently it's been affecting his school life and education. To cut a massively long story short, teacher indicated his behaviour may not be "normal" so we decided that enough was enough we'd get him checked over.

At the appointment yesterday (with a very scary, rather rude consultant I have to say!) the word dyspraxia was mentioned. The consultant seems to think he has a lot of the traits. To be honest I have to agree now i've read up on it and everything seems to be making sense now. He has said to come back in three months and he will write to the school in the meantime. I got the impression he wasn't going to fuck about! He seemed totally exasperated that the school hadn't got the educational psychologist involved. He indicated that a dyspraxia diagnosis would be what he would be looking at although he wouldn't be able to give a formal diagnosis just yet.

Can anybody enlighten me as to what happens now - will he have to be properly assessed etc? We were in there for nearly an hour and I didn't like to ask too many questions as he wasn't exactly the easiest person to get along with. Having said that I did feel like he was on our side but just completely exasperated with the whole system.

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