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Possible ADHD

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NewLife4Me Mon 18-Apr-16 22:22:06

My dd saw the doctor today who wants to refer her for assessment and is pretty sure that dd problems are to do with ADHD.
Can anybody explain the type of adjustments school might make, what sort of interventions would be put in place?
I know it can be very individual but looking for some examples.
Also, even though the doctor suggested this will the ed psych do a full assessment of everything.
I have sent the SENCO a full history of personality, behaviour that was odd or unusual, given examples etc.
Finally what are the steps that will happen? I know she sees ed psych next but not sure what happens during the process if anyone can explain please.

wishingstar1 Wed 20-Apr-16 18:45:16

In my experience it is the paediatrician that diagnosis ADHD as it is a medical condition. As for the changes the school will make it depends on the age of your DD and the type of ADHD she has but generally it's about the teacher/s being aware and adjusting their management and expectations. E.g. My son was diagnosed at 8yrs, his teachers were tolerant when he moved around more than his peers and were more direct and precise in the language they used with him. I don't know of any particular interventions but schools and local authorities differ in this.
Good luck

NewLife4Me Wed 20-Apr-16 21:45:37

Thank you wishing.
it was a bit of a silly question really.
Dd is 12 and it seems as though her problems are organisation, inattentiveness, impulsiveness, with a few points from Hypo, not as pronounced as the other 2 categories.
That's interesting I thought an ed psych would diagnose this, thank you.
It's early days but as she's 12 obviously looking at ways to make a difference straight away.
I am wondering whether we recognise the same research, findings, treatment and diagnosis as America as I can see lots of info on American sites more so than UK.

wishingstar1 Wed 20-Apr-16 22:20:52

My understanding is that the Americans are generally quicker to medicate although to be honest I think this because of media representation of their system.
The school should certainly be able to help with organisation and inattentiveness, teachers should double check she has understood her homework tasks for example.
An important part of the diagnosis could be your daughter having a greater understanding of herself. If she understands that she has difficulty with organisation for example then she can learn to double check things for herself. Having worked with primary aged ADHD children for yrs I've found the key is to help them understand themselves and put structures in place to support them.

NewLife4Me Wed 20-Apr-16 23:05:27

Thank you wishing

We are hoping for a full assessment including learning disabilities as well.
I think we will have to pay for it, but have been at our wits end tbh.
The problem atm is getting her to see she has problems irrespective of whatever her diagnosis is.
It's always somebody elses fault, or not important.
Now she knows she's not a "naughty girl" I'm hoping she won't be so defensive and let people help her.
I want to buy her some nice things to help her keep organised but not sure what will help her.
For me it was writing notes, having post it reminders. She doesn't seem interested in the ones she already has, I can't think of what would help.

hamabeads Mon 13-Jun-16 13:07:34

My son was diagnosed at the age of 5 by the consultant. He has never seen an Ed psych (well not yet).

The school have employed a 1:1 for him as his behaviour can be extremely poor.
He has a visual timetable.
He has attended social skill groups.
He has his own table, away from everyone else, that faces the wall. He sits here to do most of his work. Although he is allowed to sit at a group table if he feels able to.
He has involvement with a behaviour support team. This is an outside agency that comes in to observe him, give feedback to SENCO and us, and then helps to set his next targets.

On a medical note he sees the consultant on a regular basis -- usually works out about every 8-12 months. He also has a regular appointment with the ADHD nurse - these are usually about 8 months apart.
He has medication which he takes during the day for helping him to concentrate. Plus medication to help him sleep.

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