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SEN son 3 nearly 4 yr old - No Diagnosis as of yet, suspected ASD HELP!!

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Mummyg1989 Sun 17-Apr-16 19:14:38

Hi all really need help, my son was registered as special needs a year ago aged 3, at this moment in time we have no confirmed diagnosis of my son's behavior and additional needs, we have a review with his paed in a months time for an assessment.
He has just turned 4, has the speech of a 2 year old, speaks in 3rd person when referring to himself. Very violent and aggressive around children his own age, more comfortable around older children/teens as well as adults.
Show no senses of care in regard's to other peoples feelings, when having a meltdown he will hysterically cry, and he looks as if he is in sever pain, this also happens when he is in the shower can struggles with the feeling of the water touching him, he cries when it's windy outside as his hair moves which really irritates my son, at nursery he is very quiet, reserved and guarded he is well behaved although prefers to play on his own, although when he is at home or out with family this is when I feel his senses of emotions are hugely heightened, my son hand flaps when hes in a new environment or has feeling's of excitement.
When I ask him how nursery is, he doesn't reply to my questions and usually tends to just mimic back what I have asked him. He loves his numbers. He can count to over 100 and he has a love of doorbells, we live in a block of flats, and my son has a ritual of having to ring all the doorbells before we enter the building of flats.
He has very little feeling's of compassion, and recently he has become extremely aggressive to family and peers, what could be causing this? x

allwornout0 Sun 17-Apr-16 19:30:37

Can I ask what his paed has suggested you do so far?
Also, what have the nursery staff said to you?

My dd has quite severe Autism and attends a special school, they use a visual timetable which helps the children lot and also use PECS cards (especially to understand emotions).
Has he had an OT assessment with regards to any sensory issues?
With regards to aggression and violence, i'm afraid I am of no help, none of the children in my dd special school with Autism display any violence, hopefully somebody may be able to help soon.
Good luck

Mummyg1989 Sun 17-Apr-16 19:36:59

Hi sweetie, So his paed has said he shows signs of repetitive play, echolalia, a huge delay in social skills, as well as SPD. Although no diagnosis of autism has been given as the paed has asked for documents, from Speech n language, health visitor, nursery teacher and occupational therapist. All the above people involved have suggested mild autism and SPD although Nursery say they do not see any of these issues in school. Yet at home or around family, friends or in public spaces my son shows severe autistic tendency's yet nursery are failing to see these issues. My son is nearing 4 and refers to himself in the 3rd person, if I say to him are you a good boy, he will reply with ' No I am Frankie" he struggles to understand when I use describing words or word's like you, me ect he cannot, understand these words. I feel as if I am bashing my head against a brick wall as everyone is seeing my sons usual behavior yet nursery don't I am worried that his nurserys lack of findings may hold back from finding a diagnosis for my son. x x

Louiseclairehall1986 Wed 04-May-16 19:38:18

Asd children generally behave much better at school then at home, it's the fizzy pop bottle theory, all day it's shook up with various things then at home it's opened and it all comes out, my son has Asd was diagnosed at 4, keep going with it, they don't really like diagnosing so young it's usually around six for the children with milder Asd :-)

SENPARENT Sun 26-Jun-16 20:58:27

We first raised concerns about autism when our youngest son was 3 years old, but we did not get a diagnosis until he was nearly 8. He had developmental delay in a number of areas, severe language delay, poor concentration, virtually no social skills and exhibited bizarre behaviour frequently. He also had sensory issues with labels in clothes, wearing socks and shoes and having his hair cut.

The nursery have a duty to take on board your concerns. Have you talked to the SENCO at the nursery?

This document gives useful information: Chapter 5 (page 78) is specifically about Early Years Providers

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