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16 year old that won't write!

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TheCopyist Tue 29-Mar-16 12:49:13

I hope this is in the right place. My son is 16 and just about to sit GCSEs. The issue is he just won't write anything of length. He doesn't have a statement of special needs - in fact he's on the gifted and talented register - but this seems to be more than just 'can't be bothered'. I've just sat and watched him do a practice paper and there's lots of huffing, puffing, putting the pen down etc. He writes about 5 lines when the requirement is a couple of pages. He's perfectly capable of explaining what he wants to say but seems to struggle with getting it down. It may seem odd that I've left this so late - but believe me I've raised this throughout his time at school and the consensus seemed to have been that he just needs to put more effort in. Has anyone experienced anything like this. Is this the manifestation of a learning difficulty?

TeenAndTween Sat 16-Apr-16 18:41:05

My 16yo DD has dyspraxia and has this trouble.

I came to this board today to bemoan the fact that DD is doing Spanish AS and can never think what to write in the writing section. Yesterday she did a practice writing. She is mean to write 200 words in Spanish and she managed 3 sentences. Her difficulty is thinking of things off the top of her head.

Anyway she did GCSEs last summer and after intensive work got Cs for both her English papers (helped by A grade CAs).

Is it English that's the problem, or also Science etc? I may have some ideas depending on the subject.

Tissie Tue 19-Apr-16 22:47:16

I guess the problem is English and any subject which requires lengthier answers. The key is to plan, find quotes then expand for the English comprehension paper and writing paper. This also works for subjects such as History, Geography, RE etc.

A 2013 English paper ask students to write a letter to a paper expressing their views on raising the legal age for driving to 21 in response to letter quoted. First highligh points to respond to in letter: Second add details to those points; Third write letter.

accident statistics - many minor shunts, could make use of green P plates to make other drivers aware and restrict passengers to 1 only thus lessening distraction
shocking number casualties - vague statement, is a twisted ankle a "shocking casualty" What percentage of 17-18 yrs have serious or fatal casualties. How does this compare with other age groups?
not popular with young people - it is far more difficult to increase the age for driving than it would have been at the start. When 21 was age of majority it might have made sense but not now.
personal opinion - young peole more independent, public transport limited, penalise those not living in major cities

It does not matter if you don't know the facts just make it up
quality of writing more important than length

I have other material particularly on literature and expanded quotations and on comprehension. Send me a pm if you want more.

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