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Does Box Hill school have support for SEN

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yolo1 Thu 17-Mar-16 13:01:06

Hi, my 13 year old son has dyscalculia, slow processing, and memory retention problems. On certain subjects and areas of testing he scores extremely high. Other areas he scores incredibly low. He therefore needs a school where he is going to get adequate support and taught in small groups. He has just been for testing at Duke of Kent school in Ewhurst but they have told us that they do not have adequate support for him. Does anyone know if Box Hill School has better support or should I be only looking at more specialist schools such as More House, Moon Hall etc?? TIA xx

Harleyvalentine Fri 18-Mar-16 08:20:47

Hi there
I am in a very similar situation to you and I believe Boxhill does have the necessary support for us but at a price. We have just been offered a place for this year and I was told the SEN extra support lessons will cost me £45 per hour.
My son on his taster day felt very comfortable with the children and teachers he met.

Harleyvalentine Fri 18-Mar-16 08:23:21

If you would like to discuss further with me please do get in touch

LIZS Sun 20-Mar-16 07:15:10

Seaford college might also be worth considering. Not as SpLD focussed as Moon Hall.

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