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Schools with good SEN support in and around Hayward's Heath

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chuilc Tue 08-Mar-16 14:58:00

We are looking to relocate to the Hayward's Heath area after 5 years abroad. We have 3 kids who would currently be Y2, Y5 and Y7 if we were in the U.K. Our 10 yr old dd has just been diagnosed with a Dyscalculia (Maths learning difficulty), slow processing speed and poor working memory. At a stretch we would consider sending her to a private school but would rather keep her in a mainstream state school if possible. As we are currently abroad and have been out of the U.K. for 5 years the move feels very daunting. Good state schools seem to be almost always oversubscribed in the U.K so that is another obstacle - but we are prepared for that obstacle at least! I would love to hear from anyone who is in Hayward's Heath or the surrounding areas that has a child with SEN. We would consider other parts of West Sussex too that are an hour or less commute to London.
Any advice would be very appreciated! Thanks!

yolo1 Thu 17-Mar-16 12:44:52

Hi, we have also been living overseas for the last 12 years and now back in the Uk for almost a year. My 13 year old son has struggled with the exact same issues as your 10 year old, this was managed through extra support in the previous mainstream schools which he attended in San Diego and then Dubai. However when we moved back to Surrey he attended Cranleigh prep mainly because his two older brothers were at the senior school. The learning support at Cranleigh has been good but we are now looking for a school, preferably mainstream, that has enough support for him and also where he is not the bottom of the class, I don't want to knock his confidence... He has just been declined a place at Duke of Kent School as they say they don't have enough support to offer him. We are now looking at Moon Hall College, Box Hill school, Seaford College and a few others. I understand there is a good school in Arundell also! I don't really have much experience of Haywards Heath area, though we are not too far away. Anyway, wish you luck in your search, and good luck to your 10 year old in finding the perfect school.... thanks

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