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Meath or Blossom House?

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talash Sat 05-Mar-16 00:15:29

Our son is 4 and diagnosed with moderate ASD and severe Speech and Language delay. He has been recommended intensive SALT asap. We have been recommended Meath or Blossom House.
I wanted to ask if anyone as any experience with any of these schools and is one better than the other or are they on par for SALT.
We do not have an EHCP yet and we dont know how long that will take to get.
We do not want to lose valuable time in the meanwhile and would take up a private place in one of these schools if one is available and once the EHCP arrives, we ask the LA to fund his place there. Do you think this is a sensible route or we should be pursuing a different plan?
Thanks in adance for your advice

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