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Deaf child and making friends

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sotired2 Tue 01-Mar-16 12:25:16

My DD 9 wears a hearing aid in both ears (for most of this term she has only worn one due to repeat infections) she is a loving and caring child who when has friends round the house or we go out gets on well with her peers. She has no speech issues due to intensive speech therapy. However school particularly break time is another matter. I know this from what DD says and her TOD observing her at break time as a lone figure in the playground. When she started school she quickly made a small but close group of friends. Over the last 18 months though for one reason or another they have all left the school and left my DD alone. When I talk to her about this she either complains the other girls want play with her as she doesn't understand the rules of the game (she struggles to hear in the playground setting) or that her friend is a girl who I know isn't really (I am friends with the mum and know my DD was not invited to her DD's bday party which I am OK with however proof friendship is one way) We have parents eve this week so I'm going to raise my concerns with her teacher but unsure if she is struggling due to being deaf or girls being girls (girls in her year are very catty)

MadamNoo Tue 01-Mar-16 12:38:16

Poor thing. I was worried about my ds when he was a bit younger than that - he had speech issues, was a little behind at social interaction, and just had one friend who he had latched onto but was obviously a bit of a one-way thing. I was given the advice to go into social overdrive on your child's behalf. If you possibly can, arrange lots of playdates or outings and make sure your house is the fun house, show them a fab time and be super friendly and accomodating to the parents too - send them home with some craft or baking to wow them with your parenting! I know it seems a bit calculating, but a few reciprocal invites come, ds got practice at socialising, a few years on he has lots of friends (genuine ones!) and I have a mum network.

sotired2 Tue 01-Mar-16 12:44:13

MadamNoo - ta I an trying to invite more kids round but text often go unanswered. I try to be the smiling talk to all mum at the gates also (I do have a good network my DD just doesn't seem to fit in with their DC)

I don't want her to be Miss Popular with loads of friends just have a few that are loyal and understanding.

Frusso Tue 01-Mar-16 13:20:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sotired2 Tue 01-Mar-16 13:36:53

School try to tell me there's no issue! Which I know there is its just easier for them to pretend there isn't.
TOD has offered to do some deaf awareness at the school and I think I'm going to push the school to except this to see if it helps.

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