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Loella Fri 26-Feb-16 16:06:54

My son who is 13 years old has ADHD, is on medication and has only been independently schooled. Sadly, his second secondary school can no longer accommodate his needs so had to collect him and bring him home. Not sure where we go from here as I've researched independent schools specific and most require an ECHP in place from local authority which we don't have and apparently can take up for 20 weeks to put in place! I know we've got to get this sorted as still need to carry on his education but does anyone know or can recommend an Independent school that truly does what it says on the tin? saying 'yes we can accommodate ADHD, BESD, opposition defiant' children"? we don't charge 40K a year!!!
Thanks for any input my way!!

3Kids3 Tue 15-Mar-16 20:06:36

Why not try a state school? Most are much more geared up for this than the independents. Our eldest has ADHD and has an EHCP in mainstream school. We save the equivalent in fees (to give to her at 18) that we spend on independent schools for the other two.
Very few independents offer outstanding support for ADHD.

Loella Wed 16-Mar-16 11:00:48

Hi 3Kids3
Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, the local mainstream schools are not very nice in our area. Also, until I have an EHCP in place no provisions will be provided for my son :0( and I don't want him uprooted again. Currently, we are home educating and I'm just waiting for a boarding school in Norfolk to come back to me. It's full board (2 hours away), but they do take children with various 'A' wonky bits! You're quite right, there are very few independent schools that offer outstanding support - they love the academic braincell but not some of the behavioral issues. Welcome you with open arms saying all the right things but when it comes down to it...........

FrancineSmith Thu 17-Mar-16 16:27:42

Where in the country are you? I work in a wonderful, small independent school that supports ADHD, ASD etc brilliantly. I'm sure there are others out there. Most of our children with additional needs do not have and EHCP.

FrancineSmith Thu 17-Mar-16 16:28:07

*an EHCP

Loella Thu 17-Mar-16 18:31:37

Hi Francine

We live in Thurrock, Essex. There are other independent schools that take children on with ASD/ADHD. Having searched the internet for secondary ones, on the whole they do require an EHCP to be in place and the child must come from your LA. I think it's down to funding and such. Of course, there are a few that take children without an EHCP in place, one in particular I loved but its 30K per term! Also then it comes down to geographics! Great in Thirsk or boarders of Scotland but with no boarding facilities! Aaaarrgghhh! We will get there in the end I'm sure. Just currently potching in the dark :0(

womdering Fri 08-Apr-16 06:41:13

Francine, which school do you work at? Please could you pm me if you'd rather not post it?

Alfieisnoisy Fri 08-Apr-16 07:00:20

I feel for you OP as it is so hard when a child has extra needs like this.

My son attends a special school in Brentwood so not far from you but he does have a Statement of SEN/EHCP which seems like hens teeth from what I have heard recently. It might be worth pursuing one of these in case you reach the point of looking within the state sector.

The nearest state school to you which caters for ADHD, BESD Opp Def would be Ramsden Hall (I think) and children can board there too. The difficulty is that there is usually a wait to get children in there. I have a friends who has a son waiting for a place and being home educated in the meantime,. He may have a place by summer but has been out of school since November.

Loella Fri 08-Apr-16 12:38:15

Thank you for your kind words.

I am going to pursue the EHCP to have something in place for him at college or Uni. Not quite sure how long it will take mind.

I'm not convinced Ramsden Hall is where I would like my son to go though. He is quite mentally fragile after being asked to leave yet another school so we are working on the confidence and anxiety with him - i think another school at this moment in time would push him over the edge..:0(

On a positive note I've arranged tutors for home education which he is happy with - just need to get the socializing bits and bobs in place!

Hope it all works out for your friend.

mum2anxious Thu 14-Apr-16 13:45:16

Hello Loella

Have you tried New eccles Hall (Norfolk) or Centre Academy (suffolk) - they might be your options if you want to self fund (fees around 25k for boarding i think). If you think your sons needs are above what they could provide then you will probably need to go to tribunal to secure funding for an independent special school. you might want to have a look at some of them first and see if you think it would suit your son. Do you want him to be in a mainstream peer group - in which case you may be better going for a MS school with good additional would still need ehcp for this. If you have money, then you might well be better using it to secure funding through the ehcp - you'll likely need independent psychology reports etc. Indie specialist schools range from 30k to over 100k but your LA pays the fees (if you can prove he needs it). You could also try the New School at West Heath, Sevenoaks ( you might be able to self fund there I'm not sure what the fees are) which might be nearer to you than the others, or maybe East London Independent School. Also Doucecroft which is in Essex which is ASD, Helen Alison in Gravesend, ASD. If he has an ehcp you could also possibly secure home tuition through that. You will need to fight for EHCP though and it does take quite a time but you might think it is worth it in the long run. However you would probably be expected to try the MS provision first and would need to have evidence of why it failed (if it does). whilst it technically covers til they are 25 (provision they still have needs) It does not cover university - only upto college/apprenticeship.
All the best

mum2anxious Thu 14-Apr-16 13:49:09

I've just noticed you talked about Thirsk - do you mean Breckenbrough? If so they have boarding but you'd need ehcp.

Loella Thu 14-Apr-16 16:49:45

Hi Mum2anxious
Thank you for your advice. Really informative.
I've got to phone New Eccles Hall School for us to all go and pay a visit. I spied them a while back and sent all of my sons school reports off to them. They have come back and offered an appointment to meet the head etc..
My son had his Ed Psyc appointment on Monday. If it wasn't for that I would definitely stay home ed but he has come out in the top 0.4 pct of brains on one tests and we really don't know whether or not home ed will steer him enough to achieve the best grades. ugh.... it's been so up and down emotionally! We can self fund but like I say, not 100K a year! But..... with this report I can honestly say no ms school will meet his needs and understand him enough so I'm rather hoping I can push for a couple of schools that we feel will be much better suited with funding, New Eccles or St Edmunds. Re EHCP, I've been told they have 20 weeks to reply to the request.......
Thank you again and I will check the other schools you mentioned.

NewLife4Me Thu 14-Apr-16 17:07:35

New Eccles Hall is a lovely school.
My dh used to teach there many years ago.
It did have a bad press after he left but it is back to it's usual self again now from what I gather.
It does do what it says and there are all sorts of children from many backgrounds.
good luck OP.

We are just starting out on assessment (independant school) and they started the ball rolling immediately.

Loella Thu 14-Apr-16 17:46:06

Hi NewLife4Me
Thats good news! Thank you. I've just spoken to the secretary and arranged an appointment to meet and visit.
I'm going to arrange a visit to St Edmunds hopefully too in Hampshire. Really does look very good.
By assessment do you mean EHCP plan? Sorry, blonde moment!

NewLife4Me Thu 14-Apr-16 17:50:42

No, an assessment for SEN, behaviour mostly.
It seems we are looking at ADHD or ADD and ODD.
Dd is 12, we just thought she was quirky with her gifted/talent, but turns out school were as concerned as we were.
Only spoke to them today and we have been referred to doctor already.

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