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clorindaClutterbuck1 Mon 22-Feb-16 14:30:29


My son 17yr old son has ASD, but very high functioning.Managed to obtain A*s at GCSE, but dropped out of 6th Form due to anxiety. Currently working in a coffee shop, but bored already, so thinking of returning to education. LA have given us a ECP, which has taken me by surprise, as it was refused initially, and I had to appeal it. Not really sure what we can expect or what we should be asking for, as my son at 17yrs has his mind set on where he would like to go, and is not open to ideas.
I am not sure who we can get advice from, so if anyone can suggest any organisations I would much appreciate it.


gollyb Sat 19-Mar-16 11:11:19

Hi I know of 2 charities: SOS!SEN and IPSEA. Just google them. They usually help with statementing etc but might be able to point you to someone. Good luck!

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