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Something or nothing?

(2 Posts)
ShreddieMonster Mon 22-Feb-16 13:55:42

Would appreciate anybody's thoughts.

DD is currently in year 6, so I have been thinking about this more and more, as we are edging closer to secondary. She is currently in a private school, I have raised with them over the last couple of years the fact that i wondered if she may be dyslexic, but they seem to think not. But she seems to struggle in some areas to me.

Her spelling (and handwriting) are not good at all, the school have never flagged any problems with her reading. However when she reads out signs etc, she usually totally mispronounces them. Maths is not a problem, she is very good, although she still cannot do her times tables off the top of her head. The other thing she found difficult was VR which they did at school last year. Her NVR was fine, but she really struggled with VR, she just couldn't see the hidden words etc.

Over half term she was trying to do a piece of homework on the laptop and was getting very frustrated that she couldn't do it. I offered to type whilst she spoke, and suddenly it was all fine, it flowed, she literally started reeling it off. I typed exactly what she said, and then let her go back and edit it. She just couldn't seem to get it down herself. When she writes it herself her sentences are often without punctuation, don;t make sense. Whereas when i typed what she said, it read back so much better.

I'm not sure whether there are any issues, she is one of the youngest in her year, and we are not 'pushy' like i would describe many of the other parents! However I am not sure if there is something, or if she is just a little behind her classmates.

FrenchmominLondon Tue 23-Feb-16 15:40:39

I find it strange the school is not saying there is a problem.What type of school is it?Is it full up or does it have low numbers?Where will she go on to Secondary school. The fact she doesn't know her times tables by now would really concern me,it sounds like the school has let her down to me.Do they do SATS or SS tests if so how does she do on them?

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