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Early Years Action Plus

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jenk1 Fri 29-Dec-06 20:40:27

DD is on this.

She has had an asessment last month at the CDC and they have said "lack of pretend play skills" echolalia, speech delay, hemiplegia and suspected ASD.

She is only 2.7 but i want her to have her support in place by the time she goes to nursery next September so i am asking for her to be statutory asessed.

someone mentioned to me that she would qualify for a "child in need " funded placement even though she,s under 3.

Noone has ever suggested this to me, and ive been on my council website and there,s nothing there (surprise surprise), at the moment we are paying for her to be in nursery 5 days a week, its a local authority nursery but they take from 3 months-but you have to pay.

Just wondering if anyone had heard of this scheme and how i would go about finding out about it.


Tinseltodisguise Mon 01-Jan-07 13:30:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Albi Sun 29-Apr-07 01:21:51

Hi jenk1

The speech and behaviour sounds like my boy who is 2 yrs 11 months. Maybe is there an early years adviser at the CDC - they should be able to make a recommendation for the fund of money for one to one support before three years at the setting your child is now I think. Suppose nothing is lost if you ask. They are getting funding for my son for a one to one just before he is three.

Found the frustrating thing is that my CDC are not prepared to make a diagnosis , especially if it might be on the ASD.

They told me for statotory assessemnt, the child has to have half the development, all round, of chronological age, so with mainly language delay it seems difficult to get a statutory assessment at this stage.
Anyone have any information on this ??

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 29-Apr-07 19:15:10

Hi Albi

Re your comment:-

"They told me for statotory assessemnt, the child has to have half the development, all round, of chronological age"

You've been told the usual old bollocks by the CDC, damaging crap at that with the express intention of putting off parents applying for Statements for their children.

Blanket policies like this are ILLEGAL (the Dfes has written to all LEA's telling them that such blanket policy discrimination is not allowed in law) and IPSEA's website would give you more information if you were going to apply for a statement.

Their web address is

mummy2aaron Sun 24-Jun-07 17:42:33


Can anyone tell me how much actuial one to one support ot expect if my child is on early years action plus.


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