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Anyone have knowledge of speech and language problems in EAL children?

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midnightlurker Mon 08-Feb-16 19:24:42

Child didn't speak until school age, at which point they were put in an English school and were straight away learning English as a second language without having learnt to speak their home one first. Progress in English has been steady, following the normal path of language aquisition for an English child who had been talking for the appropriate number of years. So e.g. if learnt to talk at five, and is now eight, talks like a native speaker of five years old. Reading on track, receptive language good for age, other subjects on track or ahead of average. Nothing further has been done about the language issue as it has been assumed all the problems are EAL related - yet I have been told the 'home' language is almost non existent. Child communicates in English only at home and gets siblings to translate. Have changed relevant details so not identifiable but wondering if speech and language services would be willing to help if they knew this? Worried there is an underlying language problem that is not being treated.

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