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SEN Secondary School PLace

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tomg69 Tue 02-Feb-16 23:00:47

Hi - I am applying for a mainstream secondary school for my son who has an EHCP. My application is out of borough. The school has raised no objections but the local authority has. My home education authority (SEN dept) has yet to name the school, but has indicated it intends to (having received no objections from the school and possibly also due to the fact there are no implied costs like travel), although they are still in contact with the out of borough education authority over their objections.
Whether it does or doesn't - who decides, my home local authority, the out of borough local authority or the school? And if my local authority does name the school, is that the end of the story, or can the out of borough education authority ignore this / challenge the decision?
Another question, I don't know yet the reasons for the objections raised by the out of borough local authority but if it is a question that the school just has more SEN applications than is decided it can reasonably cope with, how do they decide which SEN applicants get a place? (it is one of our nearest secondary schools)
Many thanks!

GruntledOne Sat 13-Feb-16 13:22:46

Your local authority decides, as provision for your son is their responsibility. If they name the school and the other LA objects, they would have to refer the dispute to the Department for Education, but I would have thought that if the school has no objections then DfE would uphold your LA.

Schools can't put a cap on the number of SEN applications they will accept, that would be discriminatory.

QPMum1 Tue 16-Feb-16 10:35:35

My dyslexic 13 year old daughter isn't being academically challenged enough in her school. Any suggestions for good (SEN friendly) private or state schools in London (ideally NW, W or N)??

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