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Help! Appeal must be posted tomorrow but reports photocopied as double sided

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Sparky17 Wed 27-Jan-16 22:07:17

Hi I must post my appeal, and documents I will be relying on to support my appeal, first thing tomorrow. However, I have copied the supporting reports as they were received IE lots of double sided pages, and I've just read that reports etc have to be sent as single sided! Do you think it would be OK to send the Appeal form in with a covering letter explaining that I need to copy the reports again single sided, and they will follow on. Or do you think I should send what I have copied and expect the court clerks to contact me and re-send them as single sided....I can't physically or logistically re-copy everything in time to post it tomorrow morning. Comments from those in the know would be truly appreciated!

admission Wed 27-Jan-16 23:05:41

I think I would just send them as is. There is no rule that says single sided only other than making it easier for the admin people.

Noeuf Wed 27-Jan-16 23:12:27

Is this to SEND? You need to post the appeal form, decision letter and mediation certificate if required. You will then receive directions telling you the latest date by which all information must be submitted. You can either send in double sided and make that clear or note that supporting evidence will follow.

Sparky17 Wed 27-Jan-16 23:30:38

Dear both thanks for your replies. The appeal guidelines do state that reports must be single sided. I will post the appeal form, LA letter and mediation certificate and advise that single sided reports will follow shortly. It gives me a little longer to try to get all the reports in order!

Sparky17 Wed 27-Jan-16 23:32:23

Sorry Noeuf yes - it's an appeal to SEND (refusal to give an EHCP)

sootica Wed 27-Jan-16 23:40:52

They are not going to reject your appeal for being double sided, even if the rules say single sided it would be unreasonable in the extreme to throw out your appeal if you did not comply with the single sided rule
I would say better to get it in definitely on time and double sided than late single sided

Noeuf Thu 28-Jan-16 07:17:22

Can I just add that the worst case scenario is they send everything back and give you ten days to resubmit? Or they register the appeal and give you ten days to send the missing documents? It's meant to be a parent friendly system. You can always ring them to reassure yourself.

GruntledOne Thu 28-Jan-16 15:13:50

Just for information, you can fax or email the documents which may give you a bit more time.

Sparky17 Thu 28-Jan-16 19:33:37

Thanks everyone for your comments/help. i tried emailing them, and calling but couldn't get an answer before 9.05 which was the only time I had to post it. I did have a response back later and, for general info, they would have accepted the double sided. i am now just waiting for their confirmation that I can now send the reports in late. I'm sure it will be Ok! Thanks again your help was appreciated x

Noeuf Thu 28-Jan-16 19:40:08

Good luck, I'm sure it will be fine

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