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I'm doing a shit job advocating for my daughter in school

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RaniyaF Tue 26-Jan-16 14:29:18

I don't want to weigh down the thread with identifying details - but I'm not sure I'm doing this well.

4 year old non-verbal girl (probably ASD). Beautifully behaved in school (in a very quiet self-contained way) - but meltdowns at home show how much it is costing her.

Head supports me after I threw an epic temper tantrum ; teachers have promised to stop eye-rolling about neurotic mothers communicate with me more constructively and stop freezing me out.

Give me the manifesto for effective advocacy.

RaniyaF Tue 26-Jan-16 14:56:00

Aw - there must be a warm hand to hold out there!

Just off to do pick up - and my nerves are shot to pieces figuring out how much or how little I should be getting involved.

Zanthey Wed 10-Feb-16 18:09:15

Have you considered moving school? I had a poor response to my daughter's special needs. It was exhausting and very demoralising. I moved her to a different school after researching and meeting the headteachers. They really do differ a lot in their response to special needs. Good luck, you're not doing a bad job at all, just dealing with a very challenging situation. Xxxx

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