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Has anyone had a really good dyslexia assessment done in Sussex/London?

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pm42 Wed 20-Jan-16 16:23:19


My 8 yr old son has a range of SEN and we have an EHCP and various other things on the go. Have been trying to get him assessed for dyslexia for ages as he seems to fit the profile and his dad has it (but wasn't diagnosed until it was too late to help school wise).
EP, language support, paed and school ignoring it and I have just read that dyslexia assessments are not funded by the NHS so now I know why!!

Soooooo, I will have to get one done privately. I know they are expensive so I'm looking for a really good assessment with a lot of detail and how to work with him. I have seen a fantastically comprehensive one done for an adult but my googling hasn't found anything that looks as good for kids.

Anywhere in East or West Sussex or London, Surrey, Kent would be fine as hopefully it would only have to happen once!

Any tips would be much appreciated.

Hope all going ok for other mums out there dealing with SEN.

AprilLady Fri 22-Jan-16 03:56:50

The Helen Arkell Dyslexia centre in Farnham may be worth trying. They offer various assessment options, from EPs and dyslexia specialists. Report we got for DC2 was very helpful.

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