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statement - ASD - move to secondary - do we have to wait until change school?

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thisishardwork Tue 12-Jan-16 12:46:05

hello, we await an ASD assessment (though we have a private report indicating this is the likely outcome and support will be required).

DD is currently at primary and there is an IEP in place to assist her. She does not have a statement, one to one etc

However, I feel the level of help she will need at secondary school will be much greater (moving around the school, different subjects, books, more sensory clashes potentially, travel etc).

She does not have a specific learning difficulty, though would probably be doing better academically were it not for all these associated issues.

Do we have to wait until she encounters these problems at secondary to ask for a statement, or can we get on in anticipation of them so she can be catered for immediately once she moves on/when applying? thank you.

GruntledOne Thu 14-Jan-16 15:01:18

You can ask for an Education Health and Care Needs Assessment now, but whether you get one will depend essentially on whether your DD is making progress and whether it is felt that her needs can be met within the SEN funding available at her current school. Have a look at the IPSEA website, especially this.

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